Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Scuba Steve" Perjanik Q&A

                               Scuba doing his trademark Tuck No Hander at Sasquatch Canyon.

The Bay Bmx is stoked to do a Q&A with "Scuba Steve" Perjanik.Scuba took the time to answer my questions and i want to thank him for it.Scuba has graced many bmx websites including The Come Up,The Least Most,ESPN and other Bmx media outlets with his edits and pictures.So he is no stranger to getting coverage.

After I personally met and rode with him one day at Benicia skatepark, I came to the conclusion that Scuba was a really humble, Laid back dude.We chilled and we talked about our bike set ups,New bike parts coming out,And things fellow bmxer's discuss while taking a breather from riding.I always enjoy meeting new people that i have seen shred in web edits and what not.But seeing someone ride in person is always better then watching a video.

Scuba is one of the Bay Area's most talented riders.He can shred anything in sight with precision and style to boot.Steve doesn't just stick to one form of riding. He does it all and thats not easy to pull off.He can roast a set of trails with the best of them,Do technical combos at the skatepark,Or can shred a rail or manual line on the street.He also has one of the best tuck no handers in the game.To make a long story short the dude is a bad ass on a bike.Here is what he had to say with the questions i presented him.Thanks Steve.

                        Steve doing a Stylin seat grab over a hip on his home turf in Livermore.

#1. What's your Name, Age, And where do you currently reside?
Stephen Perjanik aka Scuba Steve, 21 years old and I'm staying in Livermore, CA.

#2. Do you have any hook ups?Also What is your current bike set up?
Solid Bikes helps me out, But I'm trying to get some food stamps or something haha.My set up is a 21.5 Solid King Cobra custom, Solid bars and grips. Profile/Odyssey wheels, Twombolt cranks and Trailmix pedals, And my trusty old Fit railed seat. Cadillac cruisin

#3.Tell us a little how you got into riding and what kind of riding do you enjoy most?
I rode dirt bikes when i was younger, and loved to ride trails and make hits out of anything we could find. I didn't have a truck (i was about 13) so i was only able to ride on the weekends when Me and my dad and little brother would go. I wanted to ride everyday so i started building dirt jumps and stuff in my old backyard and eventually made my way down to the skatepark, and so it begun.

Nowadays you can certainly find me at the trails, something about haulin ass and floating through the trees doin little barturns and stuff beats any other feeling on a bike to me. It's nice how you dont have to send yourself at the trails, you can be smooth and dialed OR you can get wild and huck some shit. The atmosphere is good too, BBQ's n brews always make for a good time.

#4.Do you have any favorite spots?Also any recent memories of spots you enjoyed?
Trails would be #1 for sure, But the Mosqueda Bike Park down in Fresno is way fun. The locals are cool and super friendly, And the park has more lines than Charlie Sheen. That skatepark is the closest thing to cement trails in the world if you ask me. Everyone should check it out at least once, although you'll need some hours in there to full appreciate that park.

#5 If you could change anything about bmx what would it be and why?
I feel like people care too much sometimes, Don't get me wrong, I'm all about being stoked on bmx. but i think some guys take things too seriously, Just have fun.

#6. Who inspired your style of riding and who did you look up to coming up in the game?
I think my buddy Jason had the biggest influence on me, he just went so danm high haha. I looked up to alot of the older guys when i was first starting out, Drew, Elk, Bob and all the other OG valley cats. Along with the obvious like Aitken, Hawk and Ruben. I feel like i'm always looking up to my friends though, I get stoked when i see my friends pushing themselves and it makes me want to push myself.

#7.How do you feel about the Nor-Cal bmx scene?
I think its pretty sick, I've been to some other places and had some good times, But we Keep It Lit up here in Nor-Cal. The trail scene is pretty good out here, And the street scene is wild in the bay. I would like some bigger skateparks, Preferably with some giant bowls, But you cant always get what you want.

#8.Would you like to give any shout outs?
Jase and the boys over at Solid Bikes, The Dublin Cyclery crew, Lil Mikey's Beeswax, Sasquatch Canyon, The Crampton Inn, Chad O, Rhino and Ryan Garcia, ALL the homies out there. Keep It Lit!

Beerman over at  SJbmx  Cooked up this edit of Scuba,Tanner Easterla,And CJ Arnold riding Central Cali.This edit is the most recent of Scuba's cameos.Also check out a recent write up on Steve Crandall's blog The Least Most along with a Hella Track Write up with links below.

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